[Zombie Gunship] I Lost My Upgrades!



You restored your device, updated your iOS, deleted and reinstalled the game or switched to a new device and your coins and upgrades are missing.



For iOS: If you enabled iCloud, tap the settings button in the main menu and tap "Restore Backup". If iCloud was never enabled, please contact us at

For Android: Tap on the G+ button on the main menu to sign into your Google Play ID. After, tap the settings button and tap "Restore Backup" to view Google Snapshots. From here, choose the progress with the highest percent (%). If you are still not able to restore your progress, please contact us at

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    Rome Balde

    I was confused between using Zombie Gunship and Zombie Gunship Free. I believe I originally played in ZG then my iPhone's Wifi conked out. I got a new iPhone but I installed ZGF instead. Worse, I used the rewards points on ZGF when I actually had a ZG iCloud saved game.

    My question would be… is it possible to transfer my reward from Zombie Gunship Free to Zombie Gunship?


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    I'm running android os on both my phone and my tablet.

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